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Moon Dreamer

Nov 26, 2012

Jeffrey Bennett likes to write about astronomical things, like riding a space elevator into orbit, or visiting Jupiter’s volcanically active moon Io, or sending a robotic submarine into a hidden ocean of ice-encrusted Europa.

The scientist and former elementary school teacher created the Max Science Adventures series about an astrodog, a young girl named Tori, and their space adventures. When Jeffrey’s first book, Max Goes to the Moon, came out, real-life astronaut Alvin Drew read it aloud to a video audience while in orbit on the final mission for the Space Shuttle Discovery!

Ever since Jeffrey was in grade school and watched Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin’s 1969 lunar landing, he’s dreamed of his own trip to the moon. “I thought for sure that [things would] happen with space travel by the time I was a grown-up, and I assumed that trips to the moon would be as easy as a trip across the ocean had already become back then,” Jeffrey explains. “Of course, it has not turned out that way. No one has been back to the moon since 1972, and we still have not sent people to any other worlds.”

So until moon travel is possible, Jeffrey continues to write and dream. Right now he’s working with Astronaut Drew on a program called Story Time From Space, where videos of astronauts reading from the upcoming Max prequel will be posted online for everyone to view for free.

“I hope that I’ll get a chance to go the moon someday, and that all of you Girl Scouts will get the same chance,” Jeffrey says. “Perhaps we’ll even build a University of the Moon, where I’ll have the privilege of having some of you as students.

“By exploring space,” he continues, “we show that our human potential is unlimited, and knowing that we have unlimited potential will make it more likely that we’ll all come together to build a safe, peaceful, and sustainable world.”

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