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Mermaids and Fairies…Oh, My!

May 28, 2012

When Patricia Saxton’s young daughter wanted to know about mermaids, mother and child went on a hunt to find information. “We looked in every bookstore and gift shop for books about mermaids, and there really wasn’t anything out there,” Saxton says. “So I decided to spend the summer writing about mermaids…where they live, their culture, their traditions, even their jewelry!”

Years before her mermaid quest, Saxton’s fanciful imagination and drawing talent made her a popular first grader. “My first memorable artistic moment came when I was swarmed by classmates asking me to draw pictures for them,” she says on her website. “Most requested was a drawing I did of a girl’s face whose main attraction seemed to be her swirly-whirly hair-do. This was very neat stuff.”

Saxton eventually grew up to become a graphic designer and copywriter before writing and illustrating her own books. “I eventually came around to combining the words and pictures,” she explains.

Her latest book is an illustrated handbook about fairies. “So if you dare to believe,” she writes, “and step through that invisible veil, you will find yourself in an entirely new place alive with mystical creatures, fairy dust and magic.”

Saxton says that her inspirations and ideas for mermaids and fairies come from “all sorts of places. I think the most important thing is being open to them, being aware of them, and then acting upon them when you first get a chance.”

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