JavaScript: JavaScript is an object-oriented computer programming language commonly used to create interactive effects within web browsers.

Object: Objects are the basic building blocks of JavaScript. Many things in JavaScript are Objects. With JavaScript, you can name and create your own Objects.

Property: The named values in JavaScript objects are called Properties. Some examples of Properties:

Value: The details of a property are described in the Value. For example, the value of the property "firstName" might be "Jane." The table below shows you how Properties and Values can work together:

  • Property
  • firstName
  • lastName
  • age
  • eyeColor
  • Value
  • Jane
  • Smith
  • 11
  • Brown


  • Q: The game is loading strangely, or not at all.
    • A: The likeliest scenario is that you're using an outdated browser. You may need to upgrade to a higher level browser. We recommend choosing one of the following:
    • Internet Explorer (10 or Edge)
    • Firefox (41+)
    • Chrome (45+)
    • Safari (8+)
  • Q: I can't post my patch(es) to Facebook.
    • A: Make sure your browser allows for pop-up windows. When you click the share button, the browser opens a small permission box from Facebook that you'll need to approve. You may also need to sign in to Facebook within this window.
  • Q: The game seems slow or stuck.
    A: Sometimes, the speed of your internet connection can have an effect on how quickly the content loads. Check your internet connection and/or Wi-Fi strength to make sure that you're getting enough bandwidth to your device.
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De-bug a game