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“Make Your Own Badge” Site Launches

Mar 21, 2012

Everyone enjoys learning new skills by earning badges. When you make your own badge, you can decide what you want to learn, either on your own or with your Girl Scout friends.

Maybe you want to find out how to make stained glass, ride a horse, figure skate, write a computer program, build a rocket, or crochet an afghan. (Just remember to look at the Awards Log in your Girl’s Guide to make sure there’s not already a badge on that topic.)

Once you’ve picked your topic, complete these four steps: Make your plan. Put your plan into action. Share your new skills with others. (Check out The Girl’s Guide to Girl Scouting for the requirements for each step.) Then go online to design your actual badge!

At the new Girl Scouts Make Your Own Badge website, you’ll find hundreds of shapes, patterns, and colorful symbols to help you design your badge.

Once you’re satisfied and ready to purchase your custom badge, you can download a personalized certificate about your badge and a digital copy of your design. You can also save your designs and purchased badges in “My Collection.” Your actual badge will arrive in the mail in about two weeks. (Congratulations!)