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Loving Today!

Feb 14, 2013

Click on the image to learn more about the Daisy Zinni Petal!

More than one billion Valentine’s Day cards are given every year to teachers, kids, moms, wives, and sweethearts—in that order!

A heartfelt homemade card says so much, and you’ll want to make them for the special people in your life. Maybe even something for your cat or dog, turtle or ferret—3 percent of pet owners will do this! You might want to make one “secret” Valentine using your drawing, writing, painting, and collage skills and give it to another girl in your troop. This way, each of your sister Girl Scouts will receive a Valentine. Daisies who do this demonstrate that they’re considerate and caring—and earn their Zinni Petal!

As part of a service project, you can also make cards or drawings for people in your community and show them how much they’re cherished. Get together with your sister Girl Scouts and make Valentine’s Day cards for military veterans in your area, or the residents of a senior living facility. You might bake heart-shaped cookies for someone, or just try to be extra thoughtful all day long to everyone you meet.

And while you’re at it, why not send some kind words of support to other girls all over the world using our new Kindness Travels tool? It’s just another way to show you care.