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Love Movies? Direct Your Own!

Feb 27, 2012

On a movie set, the director runs the show. She works with her team to figure out where to point the camera, how actors deliver their lines and what kind of costumes they wear, what the sets and lighting look like, what special effects are used — and much, much more!

If you dream of directing films some day, start practicing now, with our “Be the Director” game.

You get to choose the camera angles, music, and wardrobe for your movie. You make decisions on the script and help guide the actors to make the movie the way you envision it. Try playing it a few times — there are 48 different ways the movie can turn out, depending on what choices you make!

Then please take the short survey when you’re done to let us know what kind of game you’d like to us to make next!

(And if you’re now trying to figure out how to win an Oscar one day – try writing a sample acceptance speech! You can practice giving it to your friends or send it to us at We’d love to see it!)