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Leaves and Seeds Matching Game

“What kind of tree is that?” Whether you’re hiking along a forest trail, camping and enjoying scenic views, or going for a walk in your favorite park, it’s a question you might hear this summer. Nature’s beauty inspires curiosity, and trees are such majestic, life-giving giants that they command attention! Play this matching game, and you’ll recognize some telltale signs that make it easy to identify common trees simply by noticing what they produce. Click on the cards to see leaves and seeds that grow on apple, holly, horse chestnut, linden, maple, mountain ash, oak, and spruce trees. Notice the shape of each leaf; the color, size, and shape of seeds; and see what makes them unique. Do you see leaves that you recognize and can collect to press in a book? Seeds that animals eat? Seeds that humans eat or use as decorations? Remember their places on the board, and then start matching seeds with leaves as you identify two important components that give life to trees. Click here to learn identifying details and fun facts about the trees that grow from these unique seeds and sprout these beautiful leaves!