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Leafy Green Memory Game

Trees give us food, provide us with wood, and serve as a home to many animals. They also give us a shady place to rest on a sunny day. Trees give off oxygen as they grow, and all life on Earth needs oxygen to breathe. Trees give so much, and their leaves give them the energy to do it! Leaves use a special chemical called chlorophyll to trap energy from sunlight and turn it into food for their trees. Think of a leaf as a solar panel that “powers” a tree! Trees that are found in different ecosystems will have different types of leaves. This game will help you recognize various leaves and which trees they grow on. Click on the cards to see leaves that grow on elm, ginkgo, hickory, holly, horse chestnut, maple, oak, and pine trees. Notice the shape of each leaf, and see what makes it different from the others. Remember their places on the board—and have fun making matches. You’re learning that beautiful leaves are full of life! Click here to learn about the trees that grow these leaves!