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Leading by Example

Feb 18, 2013

Today, we honor our nation’s presidents, including founding father and first president George Washington, as well as our 16th president, Abraham Lincoln, commonly known as the Great Emancipator. These men shaped the course of our nation and changed history in a lot of positive ways; to celebrate, you can get together with your sister Girl Scouts to discuss the qualities they possessed and how you want to apply those in your own life.

Each and every day, you can decide, at any point, to stand up for good things in the world and be a one-girl force of positive change. When girls unite, that positive force becomes even stronger. You don’t have to change public policy right off the bat, but you act like a leader when you support girls who are being bullied, start a Take Action project, or volunteer your free time with an organization in your community. When we look to a leader, we’re looking for courage, confidence, and character—and these are the very qualities you build in yourself when you live the Girl Scout Way!

Many girls are already leading America, like Girl Scouts Speak Out! PSA winners Hareem and Amanda, who strongly believe that girls have an important voice in shaping the future. We have yet to elect a female president, but who’s to say it won’t be you someday? You’re building your life, and the sky’s the limit!

As a Girl Scout, you are a vital part of the leadership of tomorrow. From starting out as a Daisy earning her first Petals and Leaves to becoming an Ambassador who earns a Gold Award, you gain an enormous variety of leadership skills. You study how government shapes the world we live in as you earn your Citizen Badges: Celebrating Community, Inside Government, Finding Common Ground, Behind the Ballot, and Public Policy. All of this helps you develop your personal strengths so you can help make the world a better place.

Most important, you’re learning how to become a leader of girls. Even something as simple as leaving a feel-good message on Kindness Travels demonstrates that you want the world to be a better place, and you’re willing to be kind and supportive and help things along. The world needs girls like you—girls who lead by example. When you practice the honesty that helps you BFF (Be a Friend First), you can set an example for your sister Girl Scouts of the kind of woman we want to become—women who will support one another and make a real difference for women everywhere, today, and for all the tomorrows ahead.