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Junior Cookie Business

Feb 20, 2013

Visit the Badge Explorer to find out more about becoming Cookie CEO!

Women are becoming a dominant force in business—two out of five privately held firms are female-owned. So it’s no surprise that selling Girl Scout cookies is the largest girl-led business in the world!

Through cookie sales, Girl Scouts learn valuable skills that they can use in any profession they choose. They find out how to set cookie sales goals and create a plan. They learn about decision making, money management, how to work with people, and what it means to have business ethics.

Juniors can add to their cookie-selling fun by earning these special badges:

Cookie CEO: Find out how to run all parts of your cookie business.

Customer Insights: Learn from your customers to make your cookie business even stronger!

Juniors can also earn these two Financial Literacy badges to add to their cookie business know-how:

Business Owner: Find out the basic steps it takes to plan and create a new business.

Savvy Shopper: Become someone who knows the difference between what you need and what you want.