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It’s a Match

Oct 19, 2012

Play our colorful animal matching games to test your memory and see how quickly you can match each animal card with its hidden twin! Girls ages 5–9 can click on the tiles to find a fox and another fox, match two hiding hummingbirds, pair off penguins and polar bears, and more! Girls ages 10–12 can test their ability to recognize the distinctly different spotted fur of big cats like the cheetah and leopard, which functions to camouflage them while they’re hunting. The giraffe, on the other hand, sports patches on its coat to blend into the light and shade of its woodland home. As prey animals, zebras have striped coats in a high-contrast pattern of black and white, known as a “dazzle” pattern, which confuses predators during a chase. Even snakes and turtles have good reasons behind the intricate camouflage patterns of their skins and shells. Have fun matching the animal with the tile featuring its corresponding pattern!