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Incredible Feats Sports Quiz

Do you know who scored the most international goals of any player in the history of soccer? The answer may surprise you—and it’s definitely an inspiration for every girl athlete out there today. Whatever sport gets you in shorts—whether you play competitively on a team or just love an athletic challenge that brings out your personal best—there’s a pioneering female athlete who paved the way for your participation. The WNBA, Olympic-class swimming, IndyCar racing, beach volleyball, and more—all the sports we love are filled with powerful female players you can emulate. These amazing athletes leaped over barriers to forever change the face of the sporting life. And we continue to look to them for inspiration and motivation in our own lives. Take the quiz to find out who’s been playing the field! And for more amazing women, check out our Inspiring Women Timeline. CLICK ON THE IMAGE TO TAKE THE QUIZ!

Incredible Feats Sports Quiz on Qualtrix