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Idol Bliss

Nov 30, 2012

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American Idol Season 10 finalist and former Girl Scout Haley Reinhart is living her dream and giving back, just the way Ambassadors do in our Journey of the Month: BLISS: Live It! Give It!

It took Haley two tries to make it as an American Idol contestant. The first time, season nine, the singer-songwriter was sent home during auditions. Making it into Season 10, Haley impressed the judges enough to advance to the finals, eventually receiving three standing ovations to place third in the competition.

Since then, the 22-year-old has been busy releasing her first solo album, Listen Up!, and even took time to perform at the inaugural Girl Scout Cookie Classic in Chicago’s Grant Park last summer. “Being a Girl Scout for me means really being active in your community, and believing in yourself and knowing that you can really achieve anything if you put your mind to it,” the Wheeling, Illinois, native told the crowd.

In the Girl Scout Leadership Journey BLISS: Live It! Give It!, Ambassadors learn to dream big now, and for the future, while encouraging others to dream big too. Which is exactly what Haley advises. “I want you girls to know that you have a voice, too, and I really encourage you to use it,” she said. “Keep it up and follow your dreams.”

BLISS is designed as a flipbook with one side inspiring girls to pursue their dreams and the other encouraging girls to assist others in pursuing theirs. This Leadership Journey helps Ambassadors realize their dreams, whether they want to discover a cure for a disease, run for president, or become an American Idol contestant!

Haley is one example of how to pursue your dreams—and give back. “You are a group, a team, an alliance, a circle of friends, a family,” Haley told the Cookie Classic crowd. “I want you to remember as you grow up, to take all of these things you learn now with you and really just make a difference.”