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Happy Presidents’ Day!

Feb 20, 2012

Today, we’re honoring all American presidents, with a special shout-out to George Washington and Abraham Lincoln. (And we’re wondering when a woman will be elected President of the United States. At least 35 women have run for the Oval Office — maybe #36 will make it!)

A president is one kind of leader, but people can be leaders in many areas — science, business, the arts, education, the media, the home, you name it!

Girls act as leaders every day. Think about it — when you ask a new girl to sit at your lunch table, help someone who’s being bullied or take action to fix a problem, you’re acting like a leader.

Find out how girls just like you are using their interests to change the world – from a play to inspire kids in Chicago to growing fresh vegetables on a sustainable farm in Colorado togetting supplies to earthquake survivors in Pakistan.

Please send us your stories of how you’re making the world a better place. Visit us on Facebook at Girl Scouts For Girls (if you’re old enough)! Or, email us at