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Happy Election Day!

Nov 06, 2012

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Starting with this blog, now and then we will feature a badge, or badges, from The Girl’s Guide to Girl Scouting.

Today is Election Day, where voting-age Americans head to the polls to select our next President. So it’s particularly fitting to shine the light on Legacy Citizen badges for girls from Brownie to Ambassador grade levels. But before we do that, here are some fun things to know about Election Day. Back in 1845, Congress picked the Tuesday on or after November 2 to cast our ballots. Why?

  • Because harvest season ends in November and farmers could travel to vote.
  • Because the weather was still mild enough for people to travel.
  • Because people did not want to travel on Sunday, a religious day, to get to a polling place by Monday.

Now find out what these Girl Scout badges mean for Election Day:

Brownies earn Celebrating Community, and because Election Day is a community event, take a look around for signs and symbols of voting. Do you notice people wearing an “I Voted” sticker? Where are people gathering to vote? Do you see raised flags or voting signs around your community?

With an Inside Government badge, Juniors learn that voting is part of being a good citizen and about the animal mascots for the two major parties: Republican (elephant) and Democrat (donkey).

The Finding Common Ground badge helps Cadettes learn how democracy allows people with different opinions and beliefs to live and work together. On Election Day, Americans vote for their elected leaders and know that, regardless of which candidate triumphs, the ultimate goal is to keep our country safe, secure, and strong.

While earning Behind the Ballot, Seniors learn that those 18 or older are eligible to vote, but less than half of young voters under age 30 turn up at the polls. How can you make a change?

Let your voice be heard! That’s what Election Day voting is all about, and by earning a Public Policy badge, Ambassadors find out how they can influence public policy and become activists for change.