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Growing Green Thumbs!

May 16, 2013

DPP -- Sprout a Mini-Garden!Girl Scout Daisies earning their Mari Petals learn to be responsible for what they say and do. Daisies who take on practical projects and see them through are learning by doing—and what better way to learn responsibility than by growing a mini-garden, tending to it, and watching herbs and greens come to leafy life?

Have fun with flora—and your Daisies!—by planting an indoor mini-garden that teaches the youngest Girl Scouts how to be responsible for green growing things. Purchase some seeds—basil, leaf lettuce, and greens—and with just a few easy-to-find supplies, including household items you’ll reuse and repurpose in an eco-friendly way, you’ll be on your way to making a lightweight and worry-free indoor garden that brings seeds to life!

Caring for their mini-garden helps girls earn their Watering Can award, and just like Rosie, they’re making the world a better place—one plant at a time! Print out the plant labels provided and have girls identify and name their plants to start a Forever Green dialogue about the natural wonder of watching seeds come to life. And don’t forget to print out the note cards so Daisies can chart their plants’ growth and see the purpose of progress!

Once your garden is fully grown, celebrate the fruits of your labor with a garden party! Gather your girls together to make a healthy, fresher-than-fresh salad using the herbs and greens you’ve grown. It’s a “farm to table” healthy snack experience that everyone can enjoy!