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Apr 25, 2013

Earth Day Memory Game in 5-9 GamesOur week of Earth Day posts continues! For this annual event, the United States and more than 100 countries all over the world remember to appreciate nature, protect the environment, and be kind to our planet. We’ve been celebrating Earth Day since 1970, but Planet Earth has been around for a lot longer—and we want to help it last forever! As human beings, it’s important to remember that the Earth is the only home we have. That’s why we care so much about keeping it healthy and clean. We make the world a better place when we save water and energy, treat our animal friends with kindness, reduce pollution, recycle, and protect our trees and plants. Wind turbines, solar panels, and hydropower help us generate energy in gentle ways that protect the environment. Electric cars, bicycling, and recycling all help us save energy and natural resources. When you ride your bike, you’re using natural human energy to get around. That’s good for the Earth—and good for you! Caring about the environment means doing what you can to help keep the Earth healthy, clean, and forever green.

In honor of Earth Day, play our Earth Day Memory Game to learn more about things that generate Earth-friendly energy, like a solar panel or a water-powered wheel, or something that saves energy and natural resources, like a bicycle, an electric car, or an energy-efficient compact fluorescent lightbulb. Click on cards to turn them over and make matches. As you play, you’re discovering energy-efficient, clean alternatives we can all use to protect our Earthly home.

For a more in-depth challenge, try your hand at our Earth Day Energy Matching Game. Here, you’ll discover a whole new world of renewable energy, which comes from resources that are continually replenished, like sunlight, wind, rain, tides, and waves. This energy can also come from existing materials, which we can then recycle and reuse for another purpose. For example, the salvaged rubber from a used tire can be made into shoes and sandals—or even the recyclable tote bags we carry instead of plastic bags. Play the game to match each source of renewable energy with the way in which it’s converted to make something that’s both clean and green!