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Good Eats

Sep 05, 2012

Ever since celebrated Chicago chef Kristine Subido graduated from culinary school in 1993, she’s cooked Mediterranean, Italian, and even gourmet French dishes. But what she really wanted to make for customers was a soy-garlic-vinegar-sugar chicken recipe from the Philippines, which had been in her family for generations. So Kristine, along with her mother as a partner, opened a chicken-focused Filipino restaurant called Pecking Order.

Although she knew it was risky to open a restaurant, Kristine attributes Pecking Order’s success to sharing the workload—together, she and her mother oversee all aspects of the company, which they view as “their baby.” Kristine says, “We know each other’s strengths and we feed off of those strengths.”

“When you run your own business, a small business, you have to wear different hats,” says the award-winning chef. “You can’t have tunnel vision and just be one thing.”


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