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Go Green—Enter Our Planet Earth PSA Contest!

Mar 28, 2012

We have only one planet! So how can you help protect it?

By making your own Public Service Announcement (PSA) on Girls Speak Out!

You can make your PSA by shooting video, taking photos, sketching your idea, creating a slideshow, or writing a script. Once you’re done, post your work on Girls Speak Out!, so other girls can view—and vote on—your submission. (If you’re 12 or younger, you’ll need help from your parent or guardian to register.)

The winning entry will be professionally produced by the GSUSA! Deadline for entries is April 30.

For the past 100 years, Girl Scouts have inspired people to make changes—big or small—to keep our environment healthy. Now it’s your turn to help make the next 100 years “Forever Green.”