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Girls’ World Forum

Jul 10, 2012

In March 2011, the 18 girls who would help plan the Girls’ World Forum met in Chicago for the first time. We had a big job ahead of us. Not only did we need to get to know one another, but we needed to be ready to host more than 300 girls, ages 14-18, from at least 80 countries in a little over a year’s time.

When I signed up, I really didn’t know what this was all for or how big the event would be. Now, it’s here. This week, Girl Scouts and Girl Guides from all over the world will come together in Chicago to find solutions to the world’s problems and take them back home to really make a difference.

We’ll work together on these issues: poverty, the challenges facing women and girls, and the environment. From July 12–16, we’ll put our ideas into action with a variety of projects around Chicago, including ones at shelters and community gardens.

We’re proud to say that we worked together to plan until we couldn’t plan anymore—we discussed, sometimes we argued, and we worked on it until even the smallest of details were covered.

On behalf of the girl planning team, to our friends from around the world and to Girl Scouts from around the country: Welcome to Chicago! Follow us here on the For Girls blog to see things the bloggers on the girl planning team want to share with you, including photo slide shows of our Action Day projects and International Night celebration.

We hope this is an event we’ll all remember forever and one that truly makes a difference.

Erin Chant is an 18-year-old Girl Scout Ambassador from Munster, Indiana. She is a member of the team of teen Girl Scouts who planned the Girls’ World Forum.