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Girls Connecting Globally

Jul 13, 2012

At the 2012 Girls’ World Forum in Chicago, girls from all over are forming friendships. During the first day, girls worked on solutions to poverty around the world while making global connections that might last a lifetime.

Here’s what two members of the Girls’ World Forum planning team have to say:

Mandy: Just because I am from the United States doesn’t mean that I can’t have an hour-long conversation with a girl who lives halfway around the globe in Australia.

The first day of this international forum was nothing less than amazing. I was blown away by the incredible interactions between delegates from across the planet!

At meals, there were girls from New York sitting with a girl from Denmark and a girl from Switzerland discussing her school with a girl from South Carolina. Even when language was an obstacle, many, if not all the girls, have somehow found a way to interact despite their differences.

Seeing these interactions with girls from all over truly showed me how this international forum is breaking down barriers to reveal the sisterhood enjoyed by Girl Scouts and Girl Guides.

Mandy and Michelle

Michelle: Singer and songwriter Melinda Caroll kicked off the opening ceremony with a sing-along of an African tribal “repeat after me” song. The two sides of the audience sang and echoed each other as they acted as two communities would after not seeing each other for a long time. After that, Melinda asked the audience to join her in singing “I Am One Voice.” The entire audience joined in. It was a strong and touching moment as girls from around the world came together to sing. The stage was beautifully decorated with lights and flags as each of our speakers came onstage and the audience listened attentively.

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Mandy and Michelle are Girl Scout Ambassadors from Illinois and are members of the Girls’ World Forum planning team.