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Girl Sports

Sep 26, 2013

Girls Connect with Sports Online resource pageVolunteers and Girl Scouts at every age can make one stop on the For Girls site that takes them to all things sporty—our new Girls Connect with Sports Online resource page. Here, you’ll find a variety of diverse material that relates to one of the most important aspects of Girl Scout life—getting up, active, and healthy, and playing the sports that make you feel great! You can:

  • Visit the Badge Explorer to learn about requirements for the five Legacy Athlete badges that help Girl Scouts improve their sporting skills, and embrace what it really means to be part of a team.
  • Discover the steps behind the Make Your Own Badge process. Decide what sports skills you want to gain, and have fun customizing your accomplishments when you make a badge that’s a unique, personal reflection of all you can achieve.
  • Got a digital camera? Commemorate your active, on-the-go life when you post a photo of you and your friends on the field or at play on the Girl Scouts Photo Wall. Showcase your confidence!
  • Be moved to get moving when you visit our Inspiring Women Timeline and discover the trailblazers who broke down barriers for women in sports. Will you be the next pioneer?
  • Take quizzes that test your sports savvy.
  • Play mix-and-match sports games and make the connection to action.
  • Watch videos featuring winning women who’ve made careers out of their passion for sports. You may realize that a similar professional path could work for you!
  • Hear stories told by women who want to get the word out: The world of sports is wide open to girls and women—and no matter your skill set, there’s always a perfect position you can play!