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Girl Scouts + Cookies = Business Savvy

Mar 02, 2012

Do you dream of running your own business one day? If you sell Girl Scout cookies, you already are! In fact, you’re part of the largest girl-run business in the world — the Girl Scout Cookie Program makes more than $700 million each year!

And you’re in good company. Many successful women business owners got their start selling Girl Scout cookies.

“I’ve come to realize that my experience as a Girl Scout selling cookies likely helped shape who I am today,” writes Chicago business owner Christine Garcia. “Lessons learned selling those treats helped me become a confident business owner who works well with others and who sells services on a daily basis.”

Barbara J. Krumsiek, Chairwoman and CEO of the investment firm Calvert Group, credits selling Girl Scouts cookies as one key to her success. “It was a huge part of my life growing up in Queens. It was an opportunity to learn selling through Girl Scout cookies. I always vied for the top selling awards!”

Here’s a sales tip: As you talk to your cookie customers (especially former Girl Scouts), remember that there’s a new cookie this year! Savannah Smiles (lemon cookies named after Juliette Gordon Low’s hometown) were created to mark the 100th anniversary of Girl Scouts.

Some cookies are also being sold in special commemorative boxes — once you’ve eaten the cookies, save the box as a memento or put it in a time capsule!