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Get Up! Get Active! Get Healthy!

Jun 17, 2013

Girl Scouts Speak Out! spring-summer 2013 Create pageWe’ve got a new theme on Girl Scouts Speak Out!—and it asks the question: What can you do to make the world healthier and happier?

Spring-summer 2013’s theme is all about three elements that lead to a big push for a better way of life: Get up! Get active! Get healthy! The beautiful weather makes it the perfect time to get outdoors and do activities that give you energy and confidence, and keep your body healthy, limber, and strong. Bicycling, hiking, jogging, surfing, playing soccer or softball on a team, or swimming with your friends in the pool or lake at camp—these are all part of a healthy lifestyle that involves some sort of daily exercise. Take up the challenge for yourself by telling others how you plan to get active this summer. Then make a PSA (public-service announcement) that encourages others to join you in the fitness fun!

Just by doing something active every day, you’ll be amazed by the progress you make toward an overall healthier you. Give your mind a workout when you brainstorm ideas and decide how you’ll motivate others to get up and move. The winner will see their brilliant work filmed by a professional crew—and that winner just might be you!

Click here for complete details and guidelines, including ideas for tying the new theme to the National Leadership Journeys.