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Garden Hats for Daisy Day

Apr 09, 2012

Each year, the Daisies from New Horizons Church in Jackson, Mississippi, celebrate Daisy Day by taking a trip to the local zoo. This time, they made the trip in style, wearing straw hats decorated with flowers representing their favorite Flower Friends.

As all Daisies know, each Flower Friend stands for a different line of the Girl Scout Law. Gloria, the morning glory, stands for “respect myself and others.” Lupe, the lupine, represents “honest and fair.” Tula, the tulip, is “courageous and strong.” The girls from Jackson said that Rosie, the Rose, is a favorite because she “makes the world a better place,” just like they do!

Before the trip, each girl selected the flower she likes best from her Welcome to the Daisy Flower Garden Journey and decorated her straw hat. What a special way to celebrate flowers, the Girl Scout Law, and a fun day at the zoo!

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