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Fun on a String

Jul 26, 2012

The first kites were made 2,800 years ago in China. Today, artists all over the world still create traditional kites with beautiful designs. As Cadettes on the Breathe Journey know, some people even create kites made out of plastic trash bags! Using recycled materials lets you be good to the Earth while you’re having fun.

When we decided to design a kite, we tested models using various materials, including wire coat hangers, florist wire, and express shipping envelopes. We eventually came up with a design we liked, and now you can download instructions for making our Dragonfly Kite. Though it’s quick to take to the air, the kite tends to dart and swoop. So if you test our flyer and find a way to improve on it, feel free to email your ideas to us. Be sure to follow our safety tips when flying any kite.