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Brownies: Got Summer? Earn a Badge!

Jun 05, 2013

Brownie Bugs badge on Badge ExplorerWhether you’re off to camp for the first time, on the hiking trail, or just playing in the backyard, there are plenty of ways to keep learning fun, new skills this summer. You might even be able to earn a badge or two.

Here are some Brownie activities you can check out on our website—surefire fun ways to get you going on some outdoors adventures or help you get ready to head for nature:

• Earn your Bugs badge

Whether they crawl, fly, or light up, it seems like bugs are everywhere, especially in the summer. Click here to find out how to learn what types of bugs are in your area, and then assemble your own field guide on the ones you find. Learn more about the Bugs badge here.

Find out what camp is like

If you’re headed to camp, watch this video to see some of the cool things that girls get to do there. If you want to know more, ask an older Girl Scout who has been there to tell you what she likes best about it. She might even be able to teach you one special camp tradition before you take off.

• Hit the trail to earn your Hiker badge

Brownie Hiker badge on Badge Explorer

Even if you don’t go to camp this summer, that doesn’t mean you can’t head out on the hiking trail. Ask an adult to help you do some research online, then plan your route, figure out what supplies you’ll need, and what snacks you’ll make for the trip. Learn more about the Hiker badge here.