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Friendship Day

Jul 31, 2013

Kindness TravelsBrownies working on their Making Friends badge and Cadettes on the aMAZE! Leadership Journey who are learning how to BFF (Be a Friend First) know that friends are another kind of family. They’re the people you have fun with and who help you when you need it. Friends make us laugh and support us when we’re feeling down. Friends share our interests or help us discover the joy in new ones. Friends listen to our hopes and fears, and understand our feelings and secrets like no one else can.

Friends make life wonderful. And friendship is one of the most precious parts of your Girl Scout experience because it’s the true and lasting heart of our sisterhood. It’s easy to see that Girl Scouts have many good reasons to celebrate Friendship Day this Sunday, August 4.

Friendship Day celebrations take place every year on the first Sunday of August. The tradition of dedicating a day to honor friends began in the United States in 1935, and it’s the perfect occasion to show your friends how much they mean to you, and to remember all the special times you’ve spent together. Here are some ideas for celebrating:

  • Sisterhood Sleepover: Host a slumber party and invite your besties to bring their sleeping bags for a night of popcorn, scary movies, makeovers, and more.
  • Picnic for Pals: Using a few snack and sandwich ideas you’ll find on The Girl Scout Recipe Collection, pack a picnic lunch for two and arrange to meet with a good friend at a local park or even in your own backyard. Find a nice spot with a pretty view, spread out a sheet or blanket, and enjoy a friendly feast on a warm summer’s day.
  • Handmade from the Heart: Cater to your crafty side by making friendship bracelets or other personalized keepsakes, such as beaded necklaces, for friends. For inspiration, try using some of your SWAPS ideas and think about how you can trade SWAPS with your friends. Or how about creating a mini-scrapbook you decorate with glitter and souvenirs from shared adventures, and fill with photos of the two of you? This kind of gift can last a lifetime.
  • TLC Together: Take turns giving each other manicures and pedicures using the most colorful, sparkly nail polish you can find. Play music, have a snack—and don’t forget to laugh a lot! Can you come up with a unique and eye-catching new nail design that symbolizes your friendship?
  • Save the Date to Communicate: You can design and write cards and mail them to friends; get on the phone (or text, email, or Skype) and catch up on the latest. There are so many ways you can reach out on Friendship Day!
  • Foster Friendliness: Use our own Kindness Travels tool to send and receive words of encouragement and support from girls all over the globe. You’ll feel awesome when you send kind words to a sister Girl Scout who needs them, and if you’re feeling down, you can request a supportive message to brighten your day.

True friends are hard to find, so if you have one, take this day to let your friend know how much they mean to you.