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Finger Puppets Fun!

Aug 07, 2012

The beloved Brownie Quest characters take girls on many ELF adventures. Along the Journey, Brownie friends Campbell, Jamila, and Alejandra join forces and combine the charms on their bracelets to meet the wondrous Brownie Elf and Grandmother Elf. Together, they travel to distant places, meet a wide world of girls, and discover new things that can inspire change in the world. Sometimes they’re joined by Aunt Bonnie, Cousin Cloudberry, Riki Rabbit, and others. Now, all your favorite Brownie characters can be found in our Finger Puppets Print & Play. All you have to do is cut them out, add adhesive, and wrap to fit your finger. Then, the ability to create your own adventures is right at your fingertips! To start having fun with the Brownies friends, click here.