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Feels Like Magic

Dec 24, 2012

When Valerie Hobbs writes something that’s funny, sad, or even scary, she says that her power is being able to change any part of the story she wants to. “It feels like magic,” she says.

Many of Valerie’s books are based on things that happened in her life, which fuel her stories. Like in Minnie McClary Speaks Her Mind, Minnie’s life is turned upside down when her family moves from the big city to a small town. When Valerie was 15 years old, she moved with her family from New Jersey to a small town in California and had a rough time adjusting.

“I write to figure things out,” Valerie explains. “I often give my characters tough challenges, but I also give them what it takes to face up to these challenges and become wiser and stronger young people than they might have been.”

For girls who dream about writing, Valerie has this to share: “Only you can tell your story. Just think about that. In all the billions of people on the Earth, you are the only one who can tell the stories that you know. If you don’t write them, no one ever will.”

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