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Fantasy, Adventure, and a Dash of Humor!

Aug 06, 2012

Each morning, writer Suzanne Selfors wakes up to her storybook farm in Washington State with her husband, two children, a dog, a cat, bunnies, ducks, and a flock of messy chickens. But when she’s ready to write, Suzanne packs up her laptop and heads to a local coffeehouse. “Writing is hard, hard work,” she explains. “It’s lonely work, sometimes tedious work, sometimes exhilarating work. Talent helps but determination is mandatory.”

Suzanne knows about determination; it took five years to see her first picture book, To Catch a Mermaid, published. Since then, she’s written several fantasy, humor, and adventure books for young adults and kids. “What all my books have in common is that little bit of magic,” Suzanne says, “from a mermaid that can grant wishes to a girl who is transported into a Shakespearean play [Saving Juliet] to a farm where magical ingredients are grown [Fortune’s Magic Farm]. I write what I love to read.”

The former photographer, video producer, and organic flower grower loves reading so much that she decided to make it her career. “Every time I went to a bookstore,” she recalls, “I’d start in the adult section, find nothing I wanted to read, and then ended up in the kids’ section with an armful of books. I wanted to be a part of it.” Now, she says, she tells stories because she’s can’t help herself. “They pop into my head all the time. It gets crowded in there.”

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