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Erin Schlager, Park Ranger

Wonder what it’s like to have 48 wolves as "co-workers"? With an "office" in the middle of Lake Superior, Michigan native Erin Schlager uses her wildlife degree in natural resource management to be a caretaker for the natural world. As a biological science technician working as a park ranger on Michigan's Isle Royale National Park, Erin says, "The work I do matters because it's a part of our natural world, and these days we're having to work harder to preserve what we have and bring back what we've lost." Whether trapping the American marten of Michigan's North Woods to outfit them with radio collars, or tracking deer and wolves in Minnesota, Erin says, "You can do anything you put your mind to. If you have a degree in wildlife, it can take you to Isle Royale, it can take you to the Rocky Mountains; it can take you anywhere in the world."

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