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Dress Up Your Dad’s Day

Jun 15, 2012

Your dad or stepdad may not expect much this Father’s Day (June 17), but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t make a big deal about him.

Father’s Day became an official national holiday in 1972, but really started back in 1909 when Sonara Smart Dodd, one of six children being raised by her widower dad in Spokane, Washington, wanted to honor her father. So she convinced local churches to observe Father’s Day and eventually the idea caught on.

While flowers are big on Mother’s Day, cards rule for dads. It’s the fourth-largest card-sending holiday behind Mother’s Day, Valentine’s Day, and Christmas. Something you make yourself is a more personal and sentimental way to go. You might want to decorate your card with a Daisy flower sticker or make Dad a bee mask, so you can do a bee dance together. Check out some fun, crafty card websites online for inspiration.

But beyond the cards, crafts, and gifts, the best treat for dad is to spend time with him doing something he enjoys. This might mean you tee up together on a golf course. Or go fishing, fly a kite, hike, ride bikes, or attend a live sports event.

Whatever you do, make sure that your dad, or the man who is like a father to you, knows just how important he is.