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Drawn to Success

Jul 06, 2012

When Shabnam Rezaei co-founded Big Bad Boo Studios, a Manhattan-based TV production company that creates and distributes cartoons, she realized that there was a lack of powerful women and minorities portrayed on television. So the 39-year-old entrepreneur from Tehran decided to produce cartoons that prominently feature strong and smart female characters of all backgrounds.

“I think that if you have strong role models in your life and you’re surrounded by them, you just naturally become a leader,” Shabnam says. “You naturally think that that’s normal.”

Despite starting her own company, Shabnam adds that she isn’t much of a risk taker. But she does believe in being prepared and taking calculated risks as you start your business. “If I can do it, then anyone can do it,” she says. “You just need more planning, and you need to work harder. And be willing to take those steps so that you can try things out.”

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