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Dr. Healy Hamilton, Marine Biologist

For Dr. Healy Hamilton, a typical workday might involve snorkeling in mangrove forests, scuba diving on coral reefs and in sponge gardens, and even murky muck-diving. There she could find a fish that has a head like a horse, a tail like a monkey, eyes that move independently, and bony plated armor: the seahorse! As a marine biologist, Healy's fieldwork takes her to some of the world’s most amazing aquatic environments, where she has to explore carefully to find amazingly well-camouflaged seahorses hiding in their natural habitats. Healy studies these fascinating fish in her lab at the Marine Conservation Institute, working to save the natural world beneath our seas. “Studying seahorses is a way that I can be outside, be appreciating and admiring all of the diversity of life through the eyes of this one little creature,” says Healy, who grew up in a family that loved and valued nature. “Whatever it is that you love, that’s what you want to pursue. The most important thing is to not be indifferent.”

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