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Do You Like to Be in the Spotlight or Behind the Scenes?

Good group dynamics depend on a vital mix of personalities. In a group setting, maybe you like to stay quiet in the background and listen to what others have to say while you form your thoughts. Or you might be the girl who commands attention and has to speak out first, loud and clear. Whether you’re the strong, silent type, full of inner calm and patience (an introvert), or a bolder, outspoken person who’s comfortable in front of a crowd (an extrovert)—it’s  all  good! Every type of personality has a meaningful and useful purpose in the world, which means that every girl shines in her own special way. While we might generally think of leaders as people who thrive in groups and love attention, it takes a different kind of person—someone who’s patient, sensitive, and doesn’t necessarily seek out the spotlight—to lead behind the scenes. Especially in groups, when people are working together toward a common goal, it’s always good to have a nice mix of introverts and extroverts. The important thing is to recognize your own personal strengths and embrace them. There is no “right way” to be—you just have to love being yourself! Take the quiz to discover more about yourself and see if you’re a strong, silent introvert or a bold, outspoken extrovert. Empower yourself to lead confidently and comfortably in a way that works for you! Click here for the quiz!

Introvert/Extrovert Quiz