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Design Your Eco Dream House!

Apr 23, 2013

Eco Dream House interactive gameMake every day Earth Day by playing a game that invites you to design your own eco dream house! Whether you choose to build a chic city apartment or a gracious mansion in the countryside, you can create a home that shows how much you care about going green, living gently, and choosing a house that keeps the planet healthy with its energy-efficient choices.

The fun starts in our Eco Dream House interactive game when you choose an avatar that represents you, and give it a name. Then decide how many people will live with you in your dream house. Start building your perfect, Earth-friendly home—just by clicking on images and adding them to your blueprint for living! If you make lots of eco-friendly choices, the needle on your eco-meter will move toward green. If you make choices that consume more energy, the needle will move into the red.

And here’s a helpful tip: Choosing extra rooms and using lots of electronics will use up more energy, so make your choices wisely. Clicking around as you build will give you a good sense of what kind of lifestyle you can live while still being kind to the Earth. You’ll start understanding how lots of choices—including the gardens you plant and even the color you paint your house—have an impact on your home’s energy consumption, and the footprint you leave on the surrounding environment.

Have fun decorating and furnishing each room in your eco dream home. Once it’s complete, you’ll have a template for the future—and know more about Earth-friendly ways to live! How “green” can you make your house? Build the house you want, see how much energy you can save, and then start thinking about the choices you need to make to live a life that’s truly conscientious and Forever Green!