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Daisy Cookie Business

Jan 24, 2013

Click the image to see the Daisy Count It Up Leaf and more in the Badge Explorer!

With Girl Scout cookie sales starting up, Daisies find out that you are part of the biggest girl-run business in the world! It’s an exciting time to be selling Girl Scout cookies, with the new flavor, Mango Crème, and cool box design! Besides getting a Cookie Activity Pin, Daisies can also add to cookie-selling fun by earning these leaves.

While selling, you can earn two cookie leaves:

Count It Up: Find out what cookies cost, learn about the different kinds of cookies, and figure out how many boxes you and your Daisy friends want to sell.

Talk It Up: Decide how to use your cookie money. Perhaps use some of the money to help others? Let your customers know about your cookie money plan!

Daisies can also earn Financial Literacy leaves and use the skills to become better cookie sellers:

Money Counts: Learn about the value of coins and paper money, then plan for something you might like to do by figuring out how much it costs.

Making Choices: Set a goal to save for something you want, then help others get what they need.

One troop in Northeast Texas is donating some of its cookie proceeds to the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation in support of one of its troop members with the disease. Many Girl Scout councils offer the Gift of Caring, where customers can donate money to send cookies to military troops. Can you think of ways your group might spend your cookie money?