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Connecting Girls Online

Oct 03, 2012

At age 10, Juliette Brindak began doodling a series of pictures, which she called “cool girls.” The drawings were based on real-life girls, including her younger sister Olivia, the main cool girl, also known as “Miss O.”

While in middle school, Juliette decided to use her cool girl doodles to launch a website for girls, ages 8–14. With the help of her graphic designer mom and businessman dad, Juliette turned her hobby into a girl-led business. “We [wanted to] provide a safe place where girls can be online, express themselves, have fun, and safely talk to other girls.” So Miss O & Friends [] was born, featuring games, quizzes, polls, contests, and a Girl2Girl wall, where girls write about their lives and concerns and offer one another advice.

Juliette, now 23 and a college graduate, says that being a Girl Scout and starting young in business helped her become a better entrepreneur. “Learning how to goal set at a really young age is really important,” she says. “I think being a Girl Scout really helped me do that, and it translates every day into running my own business.” Today, Miss O & Friends is ranked the third-largest girls-only website by Alexa, an Internet data service.

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