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Confidence to Write

Apr 15, 2013

Lisa Mangum on The StudioAll Lisa Mangum wanted to do when she grew up was to be a writer. “Deep down, I knew that someday I would write a book,” she says. But in eighth grade, she bumped up against self-doubt. “I wrote this sentence for a class assignment: ‘I’ve tried writing, but I’m not very good at it.’ ” Lisa thought writing was something other people pursued. “And just that fast, my dream of being a writer and storyteller was put on the shelf.”

Ambassadors on the BLISS Journey explore what it’s like to define their dreams and find ways to make them happen—for themselves and for other women. For Lisa, they might encourage her to put pen to paper to see where her writing takes her.

That’s what some work friends did for Lisa when they invited her to join a writing group. “When I did, I realized that all those words and stories that I had dreamed of in my secret heart were still there, and they were ready to come out and play,” she says. “I dove back into writing and never looked back. Four published books later, I am still looking forward to the next story, the next book.”

Lisa also believes the process of writing benefits from teamwork. “My writing group helps me see what I have missed,” she explains. “They help me figure out solutions to tricky scenes. They point me in the right direction when I feel I’m lost in a maze of words. Even though the actual process of writing is individual, I know I can’t do it alone.”

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