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Check Out These New It’s Your Story — Tell It! Activities

Oct 13, 2011

Girl Scouts of the USA has partnered with Dove for the Dove Self-Esteem weekend (Oct.21 -23). Try one of these great activities and inspire others. Or, do something as simple as sending a word of encouragement to a friend. Celebrate the beauty in girls and women everywhere, including yourself!

Select the activity for your age group below and have some fun swapping stories and boosting self-esteem in the process:  

All Ages:

Create a Mural!
Murals are a great way to tell stories.  Express yourself and inspire others in the process.



Sweet, Spicy, Smooth, and Bright

Whether it’s where they come from, what they look or whom they know, all girls are different in some way. Try this activity to start a conversation about similarities and differences.
Girls gain confidence when they learn that roles in life are limitless.  Discover your potential with this activity!
When it comes to looks, girls are often way too hard on themselves.  Try this activity and expand your definition of beauty!
High School:
Everyone loves a compliment. But, sometimes we tend to focus on looks. Turn that inside out and compliment someone for their confidence in class, skills on the field or ability to always have a kind word.

After you do one of the activities, take some time to sign up for the Dove Self-Esteem weekend Oct. 21-23.