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Celebrate a New Year, Girl Scouts–Style!

Jan 01, 2013

Ready to make a New Year’s resolution, a promise to yourself that you’ll keep all year long? You might pledge to be more helpful around the house or eat healthier snacks. If you want some Girl Scout–style ideas, consider these:

In the coming year, I will…

  • Post an award project on Map It! to share with other girls.
  • Recite the Girl Scout Promise and Law out loud at least once a week.
  • Come up with a Make Your Own Badge project where I can learn a new skill and create and design a badge.
  • Find a Take Action project that I believe in and make a lasting difference.

Can you think of more? How about encouraging your troop to use reusable bottles instead of paper cups for a Forever Green project? Once you make your list, write it up or print it out and post it somewhere you can see it every day to keep track of how you’re doing.

Good luck! And Happy New Year from your friends at Girl Scouts USA!