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Cattle Rancher and Blogger

Jul 12, 2012

Debbie Lyons-Blythe loves her life as a cattle rancher in White City, Kansas. She calls it “an awesome career” in which she gets to be her own boss. Independent and hardworking, Debbie and her family have made caring for the land and their cattle a top priority.

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But despite all her hard work, Debbie realized that most people don’t know what goes into maintaining a farm. So she created a blog, Life on a Kansas Cattle Ranch, with stories and pictures to show everyday people what cattle ranching is all about. Debbie believes that ranchers and farmers need to be activists, by showing responsibility to the land and helping to save the planet.

With generations invested in the ranch, she’s proud to continue a family legacy modeled by her mother. “She taught us early on that it didn’t matter if you were a guy or a gal,” Debbie says. “Those cows were hungry and they needed taking care of.”

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