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Can-Do Candace

Apr 06, 2012

Candace isn’t a typical Girl Scout. After all, her arms and legs are made of soda cans and her head is a bucket! But she’s an important member of Troop 138 in Henderson, Nevada.

Candace joined the troop more than two years ago after the girls made her as an entry in a local recycling contest. They won—and Candace became a special part of their Girl Scout experience going forward.

When the girls were on their WOW! Wonders of Water Journey, they used their cookie money to go to a movie about dolphins—and Candace came along. She sat in her own seat, wearing her Girl Scout T-shirt (and she even may have posed with some popcorn and treats!).

When they won the Girls Speak Out! PSA contest that ended in December, a professional film crew visited the troop to make their video. Of course, Candace showed up for the shoot!

This year, they hope to raise enough money to go to Sea World. Of course, Candace will be there, too!