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Camp CEO: Dreaming Their Future

Jul 25, 2012

At Camp Butternut Springs in Valparaiso, Indiana, a select group of teen Girl Scouts recently got to connect with Chicago’s most powerful female executives. The girls and their mentors—women in top leadership posts at the region’s biggest companies—hiked, completed scavenger hunts, and took advantage of everything you’d do at camp, but it was about more than just getting some fresh air.

Girls sat in a circle on tree stumps with the CEOs for a session called “Dreaming Your Future,” in which the executives told the girls their life story and answered any questions the girls might have, no matter how candid. The girls also got a head start on building the necessary skills to succeed in business—both now and when they hit the workforce in five or 10 years. They successfully completed an app boot camp, building their own Android-based smartphone app with help from the staff at the Motorola Mobility Foundation.

Everything at Camp CEO aimed to help build the next generation of leaders. Even the scavenger hunt drew on the technological skills that girls will need to succeed in business today. They got their clues and interacted with Girl Scout council members and the Motorola Mobility staff via smartphone and completed some of the tasks via photo and video.

Read more about Camp CEO in this blog post by 15-year-old Laura B., a Girl Scout from Greater Chicago. “Camp CEO was only a week,” Laura writes, “but I learned more in that one week than I had in my 15 years of learning. Camp taught me to try new things and not to be afraid of being different, for it is those who are different that are successful in life.”