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Cadettes: Make the Season Sunnier!

Jun 07, 2013

Cadette Trees badge on Badge ExplorerSchool’s almost out for summer, and Cadettes are ready for adventure! So break out the sunscreen, leave your cell phone and troubles behind, and have outdoors fun—with purpose!—when you use our website to find activities that make the most of this season in the sun. Start new hobbies, explore dream careers, or simply try something different for the fun of it! You can even earn a badge or two along the way so that come September, you’ll have more achievements and memories than ever!

• Blaze a trail

Are you up for a wild night or two away from your comfy bed? Head for the backcountry, where you’ll explore nature and challenge your body on a trailblazing trek. How much you choose to “rough it” is up to you—the plans you make, the supplies you pack—as you stay at least one night at a backwoods or primitive site. Get ready to learn essential outdoor skills while you share fresh-air fun and games with your Girl Scout sisters. Learn more about the Trailblazing badge here.

Cadette Trailblazing badge on Badge Explorer

• Become a night owl

And while you’re camping, step away from the campfire’s glow, turn off your flashlight, and experience the starry sky! By exploring nature at night, you’ll uncover the mysteries of the wild after dark—and perhaps spot animals that wake up just as the world says, “Sleep tight!” Learn more about the Night Owl badge here.

• Film a PSA video for Girl Scouts Speak Out!

Really make your mark by earning your Digital Movie Maker and Screenwriter badges. Write a script that tells people why it’s important to get outside and get moving, and then film your public-service video and show them how it’s done. Visit Girl Scouts Speak Out! here.

• Branch out as a naturalist

To know trees is to love them—from the shade to the science, the fruit to the forest, and the legends to the lumber. As you play our Tree Safari Game, you can work on your Trees badge and start thinking about ways to help these cool shade providers thrive through the hottest heat of the summer and all year long.

• Accept the caring camper challenge

Your mission: Have a wonderful time creating lasting memories, while leaving behind no evidence that you were actually there! Start by testing your roughing-it know-how with an overnight camping quiz. See how smart you are about spending a night under the stars by knowing before you go, so your camping experience is great in every way!

• Take Action!

Take the quiz to find out how much you really know about Take Action projects, and start thinking of ways you can take the lead as a community advocate. Visit our interactive map to get inspired on your Journey, and see how Girls Scouts all over are changing the world. See the change, be the change—and make your world a better place!