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Brownie Cookie Business

Feb 15, 2013

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We just celebrated National Cookie Day on February 8, and Girl Scouts are busy selling cookies all across the country. But do you know how the Girl Scout cookie business got started? The answer is: right in the Girl Scouts’ ovens!

As early as 1917, girls baked their cookies at home and sold them to finance troop activities. From the beginning, Girl Scouts were using their marketing and business skills. Today, that effort has become the largest girl-run business in the world.

Besides getting a Cookie Activity Pin, Brownies can add to their cookie-selling fun by learning some valuable business skills and earning these two badges:

Meet My Customers: Learn how to talk to customers, handle money, and make change.

Give Back: Find ways to give back some of your cookie money to help others.

Brownies can also earn these two Financial Literacy badges to add to their cookie-selling skills:

Money Manager: Learn how to shop wisely and make a budget for your money.

Philanthropist: Become a person who gives to people who need help.

Once you’ve collected your hard-earned cookie money, it’s time to start thinking about the difference between wants and needs. Brownie Elf & Friends want a pony, but they need to triple their cookie goal. Watch this animated video, Brownie Elf & Friends: Manage Money!, and discover how setting goals and making budgets helps you in the cookie program—and in life!

And here’s an idea: You might want to think about using your cookie money to fund a Take Action project for one of your Journeys. You can ask customers about community needs as you’re selling cookies!