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Award Spotlight: Amazing aMAZE Awards

Dec 14, 2012

How great does it feel to achieve something you worked hard for? Like getting an “A” in a class you struggled with. Or winning your soccer team’s division championship. Or receiving a medal at your piano recital. Whatever you accomplished, it took your skills and determination to get there. That’s also what it takes to earn a Journey leadership award.

As a Cadette on the aMAZE Journey, you have a chance to earn up to three really important awards, ones that will help you improve your relationships, become a peacemaker, and be able to share your friendship skills with others.

The Interact Award is made up of nine challenges (you only need to do three!), which are positive relationship builders—like you might strike up a conversation with someone in your grade you never talked to before. Or get your friends to pledge a “no gossip week,” where you don’t share rumors or engage in bad talk about others. Or create an anti-bullying message to add to the signature line on your emails and chats.

The Diplomat Award is your Take Action project that leads to peace, like performing a play for younger girls that deals with cliques and stereotypes. Or creating an anti-bullying awareness campaign. Or perhaps “going bigger” with one of your Interact Challenges in a way that impacts your community.

The Peacemaker Award shows your commitment to spreading and sharing peace. Throughout aMAZE, you collect relationship “tools,” things you learned or discovered about yourself, which you can pass on to others. For example, your response to this pledge: “When I see another girl being bullied or teased, I will…” Or ways you can be a leader who builds connections among other groups. Or a friendship mantra you can use during a flare-up like, “No blame. All is well. Life’s too short.”

Remember, you can work on these awards as one big team, in mini-teams, or individually. It’s up to you! You also might choose a ceremony to celebrate earning the awards at the end of your Journey. Whatever you decide, it’s all part of your ultimate goal for peace—for you, your world, and the planet, too.