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Animal Advocate

Jan 14, 2013

Jennifer Keats Curtis’s mom nicknamed her “The Lorax,” based on the Dr. Seuss character that speaks for the trees against the greedy Once-ler threatening them. Except in Jennifer’s case, she speaks for animals.

As a child, Jennifer regularly brought home creatures, large and small, and attempted to nurse them back to health, although not always to great success. She learned that in order to really help them, she needed to leave it up to the professionals. So Jennifer uses her supportive spirit to write fiction and nonfiction about animals, hoping others will learn about the best ways to conserve and protect them. “I am incredibly fortunate that animal experts are so willing to share fascinating information and important advice with me about wildlife and pets,” Jennifer says. “I know that when kids learn what I’ve learned, they’ll want to help too. I love sharing what I learn through my writing.”

In her book, Animal Helpers: Wildlife Rehabilitators, Jennifer wondered what happens when wild animals become injured, ill, or orphaned, and discovered that wildlife rehabilitators are called to their rescue. She wrote Animal Helpers: Sanctuaries to show places that take in desperate animals in need. And in Baby Owl’s Rescue, a brother and sister learn that we live in a world surrounded by wild animals that deserve our caution and respect.

Just like The Lorax, Jennifer says, “I do my best to speak for the animals.” Find out more about Jennifer’s animal adventures, books, and writing tips on The Studio.