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A Photo Gallery for Girl Scouts

Aug 09, 2013

Girl Scouts Photo WallCall the shots, celebrate memories, and show the world what girls can do when you contribute to our new Girl Scouts Photo Wall. It’s as easy as sharing photos with your friends, and it’s a great way to inspire other girls by documenting the awesomeness in your life! All you need is a digital camera, an eye for a great shot—and some camera-ready moments to capture.

To launch our Photo Wall, we’re asking you to combine your passion for taking photos with your love of sports. Take your best shot for our current theme: GirlSports. Whether you’re at camp or at home, we want to see how you’ve been getting up, active, and healthy this summer. Swimming, softball, Zumba, or hiking a woodsy trail—they’re all part of the healthy fun of Girl Scouting. And you’ll show off your best side when you take aim and share your athletic action shots with your Girl Scout sisters.

Girls can post pictures of themselves or their friends in action. Simply upload them from a computer or smartphone through Instagram or Twitter using the hashtag #GSSports. And Juniors working on their Digital Photographer badge will find this is the perfect way to create one-of-a-kind shots, make a digital photo project, and gain some skills.

Show off your best side, your best friends—and the best of Girl Scouting! Visit the Girl Scouts Photo Wall to get inspiration and ideas. Get started today!